Tutorial for new clients

1. Your first pass

You can buy your membership in two ways: by logging in on our website or by coming to the club and using the multimedia kiosk.

Online - via our website. You can access the website using any device.
Purchasing the membership online is extremely quick—the funds are transferred right away and you can go straight to the gym.
The multimedia kiosk is located in the entrance area of all Smart Gym clubs.

2. First visit

If you are coming to our club for the first time, you have to remember about a few things. First of all, you need a padlock to safely lock your locker. If you purchased your membership online, you will have to complete your registration using the multimedia kiosk by providing your biometric data. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Benefit card, ask for a Smart Assistant to guide you through the gates.

Go to the kiosk and complete your registration. You will be asked to put your finger on the reader: it’s simple and it doesn’t hurt.
Your biometric data is secure—we do not scan the entire fingerprint; the program only reads the special points that will let you go through the gates.

Remember to take

We try and keep our facilities clean and comfortable for the users. Help us do it by changing your shoes before every training session.
Our machines are used by lots of people. Using a towel while exercising helps keep the equipment clean for the next person.

3. Activities

As a member, you can attend all of the classes at our clubs. There is no need to sign up, just come and train. It’s simple!

Find classes you like in the online schedule or look for something in the list of classes and visit the club.
The current schedule is available on the website.

4. What next?

Already a member? Great! However, please remember about a few things that will help you enjoy all the possibilities offered by your Smart Gym club.

Remember to extend the membership to keep continuity.
Setting up cyclical payments is a good idea—you don’t have to worry about extending your membership, the system will do it for you.
Check out our website regularly to learn about news and contests.
If you have any questions, try the HELP section.

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