• 1. I want to join the club

  • 2. Membership rules

  • 3. Welcome to the club!

What services are included in the membership?
You membership allows you to train at any time of the day - most clubs are open 24/7 (except for the one in Gliwice - Kolberga and Katowice Wodospady). The offer has no limits: your membership entitles you to use all zones and attend all fitness classes. You don’t have to pay extra for anything!
Can I see and try out the club before purchasing my membership?
During the working hours of the personnel, you can see the inside of the club. If you want to try out the equipment, you’ll have 24 hours to do that with a one-day pass that is available.
How do I join the club?
It’s very easy. You can do it in two ways:

1. Go to www.smartgym.club, click on “Log in” and start your registration in the client panel. After that, you just need to finish the registration process using the kiosk at the club.

2. You can use the kiosk, which is a special device that can be found at the entrance to every club, and complete the entire registration process using it.
Purchasing your membership is easy and intuitive. If you have any problems with it, someone from the team will be happy to help you.
How can I pay for my membership?
You can pay for you membership in two ways—choose the one that suits you best: 1. Regular charging of a credit or debit card: this means that you don’t have to remember about making a bank transfer every month; all you need to do is make sure that there are sufficient funds on your account. 2. If you want to pay month by month, you have two options. You can use the Przelewy24 platform or charge your card one-time (without agreeing to regular charging). NB: If your bank is not on the list in the system, don’t panic: choose the “traditional bank transfer/money order” option and follow the instructions. To pay for your membership, follow the instructions in the Client Panel that is available via www.smartgym.club and at the kiosk at the club. Payments in cash are not accepted. There is also no option to make an individual bank transfer to pay for your membership. “Individual,” meaning directly from your bank account, without logging in to/registering with the Smart Gym system. If you want to pay for your membership, you have to do so after logging in to your Smart Gym client account (via the website or at the kiosk at the club). The system will automatically redirect you to bank transfers (if you choose this option).
I have a problem purchasing my membership, who can help me?
Our clubs have qualified personnel that will be able to solve the potential problems. You can also contact the Customer Service Department (between Monday and Friday, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM) at 12 200 28 00 or bok@smartgym.club.
Regular charging doesn’t work!
If during the registration at the club you selected the regular charging option (regular charging of you card), but the payment did not take place, the reasons may be as follows:
1. Insufficient funds on your account,
2. The bank has blocked regular charging.
If it’s not option one, your bank has probably switched off the possibility of setting up regular charging. You can contact the bank or switch on regular charging by logging in to your bank account online. If you don’t want to or can’t do that, the only option to pay for your membership is to make payments via the Przelewy24 platform (this is not automated). Please remember that if you have any problems, you can also contact the Customer Service Department at bok@smartgym.club or 12 200 28 00.
If there are no membership cards, how do I get inside?
Admission to the club takes place after the selected identification points of a biometric scan of your finger have been verified, which means that you get in by placing your finger on the reader. We got rid of membership cards because they are easy to lose, destroy, or forget. Now you don’t have to remember to have a card with you. Additionally, biometric scanning is the most secure option available.
What does “fixed price guarantee” mean?
This means that your price is guaranteed and will not increase during the term of your membership. If you want to keep the price at the current level but have to take a break from training, we suggest suspending the membership. This will keep the guarantee going.
How do I suspend my membership?
After logging in to the Client Panel, click “SUSPEND.”
How much does membership suspension cost?
It costs PLN 15 for each settlement period.
How long can my membership be suspended?
You can suspend your membership one-off for a minimum of one settlement period. Each suspension costs PLN 15. However, you can suspend your membership for a shorter period. In that case, after the desired period, click the “Reactivate” icon in your client panel (the triangular “play” button). Please remember that every suspension costs PLN 15.
Why is suspending membership better than resigning?
By suspending you membership, you will keep the price at the guaranteed level because this doesn’t interrupt membership continuity. In turn, this means that your membership price stays the same. Additionally, you have the guarantee that if no more memberships are available for sale, you will still be able to use the gym.
How to reactivate membership after suspension?
To reactivate your membership after suspending it, log in to the client panel at www.smartgym.club or at the kiosk and choose the reactivation option. The membership will be automatically reactivated when you enter the club.
If I suspend my membership in the middle of the settlement period, do I lose the days I already paid for?
No, if you suspend your membership in the middle of the settlement period, the days you paid for will be available to you after you reactivate your membership.
Why is this so cheap? What’s the catch?
Membership costs as much as it should. At Smart Gym, you don’t overpay for things you shouldn’t. Our clubs are designed in such a way as to minimize the costs of running them. These “savings” translate to an optimum membership price.
Do you offer discounts for regular clients or students?
No, we don’t offer discounts. The price is set in such a way that it’s attractive for everyone.
Can minors purchase a membership at a Smart Gym?
Yes, the clubs are available to people who are 15 or older. However, underage persons, in addition to completing the standard registration procedure, must provide the club with a representation of their legal guardian (available on our website in the download section) and drop it in the special box by the entrance. The representations will be verified by the personnel.
Does Smart Gym use membership agreements?
No. As a member, you can suspend your membership or resign at any moment. We don’t use any long-term, binding agreements. We give you the freedom to choose because we believe that our quality will make you stay with us.
Can I delay the date when my membership starts?
Yes, you can delay this date by up to 6 weeks. This means that you can decide, for instance, that a membership purchased on July 1st will start on August 12th, which will be the day on which you can start training.
Is my personal data secure?
Of course! Security standards are a priority for us. The systems we use guarantee the security of personal data. Data is stored in the most secure server room in the country.
What if I want to resign?
All you need to do is click the relevant button in the client panel after logging in at www.smartgym.club or at the kiosk. Please remember that you need to resign at least one day before payment deadline. Resignation does not entail any charges, all we ask is that you fill out a short questionnaire.
I have a problem with touch access
This can occur when your fingertips are grazed or if your fingerprints are unclear. In that case, ask someone from the personnel for help—we handle situations like that individually.
What should I know before my first visit?
You need to remember about a towel, sportswear, and footwear for change. If you forget to take some water, you can buy some at the club. The lockers are locked with padlocks—you can buy one before coming to the club or from a vending machine at the club.
How do I get in if there is no one around?
After registering in the system and paying for your membership, you just need to put your finger on the reader by the gate, which will open automatically.
Is the club adapted to the needs of the disabled?
Yes, all of our clubs are adapted to the needs of the disabled. However, we suggest that if you have a disability, then please contact our personnel before starting to train at a Smart Gym.
Is is true that the lockers are locked with padlocks?
Yes. This facilitates the club’s functioning and allows you to choose any locker. You can use your own padlock or buy one from a vending machine at the club. You don’t have to carry your padlock with you—you can leave it at the club, locked on a special grid.
Can I buy a padlock at the club?
Yes, padlocks are available from our vending machines.
I put my finger on the reader, but the gate does not open. What do I do?
Check if your membership is valid. If, after logging in to the client panel, your status is “active,” please contact the personnel to register your data again.
I have a Benefit card. Can I use Smart Gym clubs?
Of course! However, you need to remember about two things: You can only get inside during the working hours of club personnel (going out is unrestricted, so you can leave any time you want). Before coming in, you need to show the card and an ID to the personnel.
Is the club’s personnel available 24/7?
In clubs that are open 24/7, the personnel is available between 6:00 AM and 1:00 AM (from Monday to Friday) and between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM (weekends and holidays). In clubs that are not open 24/7, the personnel is available during opening hours, i.e. between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM and between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM (on weekends).
Are 24/7 clubs safe at night?
Yes, our clubs are monitored and a security service employee will arrive if necessary.
What are the group classes for beginners?
Classes for beginners will help you learn about the club and the equipment available at your Smart Gym. The classes re not obligatory, but if you complete them, it will be easier for you to find your way around the club, so it’s a good idea to give it a try.
Can I find a personal trainer at the club?
We don’t hire personal trainers, but any external trainer can train you at our club without any extra fees.
Does the club provide a car park for the clients?
Most of our clubs have a car park for the clients. You can check this by contacting club personnel.
Is free Internet access available at the club?
Yes, all Smart Gym clubs have a free Wi-Fi network.