Smart Gym

Smart Gym is a chain of innovative fitness clubs that have been opening up since 2016 in more and more towns and cities across the Śląskie Province. All of the facilities meet the real needs of their clients, offering top quality equipment in areas much above 1,000 m2. We are a Polish brand that is 100% financed with Polish capital. We build on the experience of the Fitness Platinium® clubs, the largest chain of fitness clubs in Kraków (9 gyms). We know what is necessary to make sure that every training session brings satisfaction and to make our clients want to come back to us 24/7.

What makes us stand out?

Classes for beginners – every new client can attend the SMART START classes that help learn the basics of proper training and how the club functions.

Clear rules – our clubs have the simplest membership rules on the market—no agreements, no catches.

Various training zones – each of our clubs offers the most important zones of a modern fitness club: cardio, functional training, free weights, core, isotonic machines, power, semi-free machines, and naturally a fitness room. Some of the clubs offer an innovative old school zone addressed to experienced regulars of old style fitness clubs.

Open 24/7 – some of our clubs (at least one in the given town or city) are open around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An innovative personnel-free system allows for enjoying the Smart Gym offer with no limitations.

Unique price  we offer top quality for the lowest price. Our offer is addressed to everyone, including the holders of Benefit, Multisport, and FitProfit cards.

Professional equipment  the clubs are quipped with top class machines. All of the menus on the cardio machines are in Polish.


5 clubs
Smart Gym
9182 m2
Usable area
210 people
Can fit in all of our fitness rooms
15 tons
Total amount of weights in all of our clubs

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