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The club’s surface amounts to an impressive 2 500 m², with 10 training zones on 4 levels.
At the disposal of our club members we have given away the free weights zone, as well as the isotonic machines, semi-free machines, power, cardio, functional, Eleiko® and core machines.  The fitness room at the club accommodate up to 40 people at one time.

Smart Gym Katowice Wodospady has also unique women’s zoneCalisthenics and The Drwal Fighting School – everything within one pass!

Wodospady 4
40-558 Katowice
Mon.-Fri.: 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
Sat.-Sun.: 8:00 AM-10:00 PM

Club Katowice Wodospady in numbers

2 500 m2
Cardio machines

Club map

Personal Training Zone
It's the perfect space where you can practice with your instructor without any obstacles. You will find a wide selection of equipment and you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills under the supervision of a personal trainer.
The Drwal Fighting School
Eleiko® Zone
A zone equipped with high‑quality Eleiko® machines for powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting that can meet the most stringent demands. The equipment is excellent for pressing, snatch, and clean and jerk exercises.
Core zone
Training abs is not only about doing sit-ups. You need to take care of the entire core, meaning the deep muscles of the torso, the purpose of which is to stabilize the backbone. This is an important thing, so the zone is well-equipped. You can not only rip your abs here, but also develop deep muscles and strengthen your core.
Functional zone
Functional training is based on movements that are similar to what we do in everyday life: reaching, lifting, walking up stairs, etc. It’s relatively intensive and the pace is quick. This will help you strengthen and shape your muscles, improve coordination, stamina, and suppleness, but your muscles will not develop excessively.
Free weights zone
The classics. Free weights include dumbbells of various weight (up to 50 kg!), barbells, squat racks, and benches. That’s all you need for full, advanced strength training.
Semi-free weights zone
This is halfway through between isotonic machines and free weights. The zone comprises strength machines that, unlike those from the isotonic zone, are loaded with plates. They can be freely added and removed, changing the weight. Exercising on these machines is also more like using free weights.
Isotonic machines zone
Here, you will find the basic machines for full body strength training. They are perfect for beginners, so before you move to free weights, spend some time here. They are also safe and (in spite of the complex name) really ease to use. When you have mastered the movements, you can move for example to the semi-free weights zone.
Women’s zone
As the name suggests, this a place only for the ladies. It has all that’s necessary for a basic workout. This is a separate zone offering women a little more privacy to train in peace. The zone offers a basic strength machine, a set of dumbbells and kettlebells, and lots of accessories.
Fitness room
Without group classes, a gym’s offer is never complete. Here (included in your membership, of course), you will find the best of them—they have been designed to be effective and fun. Yes, fun, because fitness should also mean good fun! Use them with no limitations.
The cardio zone
Treadmills, stationary bicycles, orbitreks, and other machines that will help you improve your condition and stamina, burn fat, or warm up before training. This is one of the fundamental zones, so we made sure it has lots of equipment. There are several dozen various machines here: you don’t have to stick to the treadmills.

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