Membership for all clubs (→ BUY ONLINE ←) Price
OPEN (28 days) PLN 49
OPEN (28 days) – continuity interrupted PLN 69
OPEN (28 dni) – continuity interrupted again PLN 89
HALF OPEN (28 days) PLN 39 
HALF OPEN (28 days) – continuity interrupted PLN 59
HALF OPEN (28 dni) – continuity interrupted again PLN 79
One-time 24h pass PLN 19
Membership suspension (28 days) PLN 15


New clients (and the clients that purchase a membership at another price after interrupting continuity) have to pay a ONE-TIME ACTIVATION FEE of PLN 19.

A one-time pass is valid for 24 hours from the date of purchase. 

You will keep the price at PLN 49 if you extend your membership every time. You can extend you membership while your current membership is still valid (e.g. on the last day) or up to 2 weeks after it expires. However, remember that in the latter case, you can’t get into the club for these 2 weeks and you pay “backwards” (e.g. if your membership expires on July 1st and you extend it on July 14th, the new membership will expire on July 29th). You need to take a break from training, but don’t want to interrupt continuity? Suspend your membership.

With the HALF OPEN pass you can train in all Smart Gym Clubs. Remember that the HALF OPEN pass entitles you to enter our clubs only between 06:00 a.m. and 04:00 p.m. but you can stay and train as long as you want! New clients are obliged to pay a one – time activation fee – PLN 19.

You can do it a number of times. Remember that you can only suspend an active membership! The default suspension time is 4 weeks, but you can come back earlier—this will not affect the price. You can suspend your membership by logging in to your account via the website or at the multimedia kiosk at the club.